Devising your pathway to public support programs

Startups have been defining the contours of the European business landscape for the past 25 years. With the EU tech scene in perpetual growth - helping tip the global balance has become a clear requirement. Growing tech startups strategically, aligned to core values, now needs to take the next bold step. An active step.

Opportunities are omnipresent, lucrative and abundant. They are out there. And they have been devised to help spur innovation and growth - whilst boosting the continent’s international reputation and presence.

Yet, unlocking public funding often gets a bad wrap. Sometimes it’s considered blurry, remote or cumbersome. Oftentimes justified, and often not.

At TFV, we are not saying we know how to access public money differently.

But we are saying we know:

  • where to look

  • how to gear you-up 

  • when to make sure all the right buttons are pushed

  • how to get you on the right trajectory

  • and how to talk the talk


Unlocking public funding

What’s what: programs, institutions & grants

Our public funding tactics are detailed and targeted. We help you project your startup through the eyes of a policymaker. We help you present your application and justify it so that it serves the context, broader investment priorities and policy agendas of the institutions.

GrowEU: If your startup supports the entire ecosystem, if it’s software-based, and you feel it to be a good candidate for funding - we can put you on your public pathway to growth. 

DisruptEU: If you believe you have something that no-one else has. Or if your product solves issues or problems efficiently, and can be crafted to reflect a public goal with efficiency - let’s get you in front of the right decision makers.

Success stories

We saved a lot of time during the fund-raising process and managed to negotiate favorable conditions.


It was very important to receive hands-on support from the very beginning and throughout the pitching process.


Learn how we can help you successfully access funding for your Startup: