Tech Family goes back to 2007 and its Network spreads over 180+ cities worldwide as part of the Founder Institute, allowing us to source promising founders at an early-stage, experienced CXOs, strategic investors, and advisors. Additionally, we connect highly specialized tech talent with leading startups and large innovation-driven companies.


We started our venture because we care about making a difference in the world through technology. We aim to become a leading European Venture Capital firm that treats its founders and tech-enabled companies not just as partners, but as family. We aim for high and long-term profits and opportunities that suit both sides, founders and investors equally.


We invest in People. People who show extraordinary dedication, who are open-minded, and creatively curious with a strong entrepreneurial DNA. These founders make-up the top 2% of our global network.


We invest in early stage companies and support founders on their journey by providing capital, resources and our growth-oriented know-how in fields such as fundraising, business development, technology development, branding and marketing, hiring talent and much more.


We embrace our female leadership at TFV, and many of our global leaders come from humble backgrounds and beginnings, often from immigrant families. We see diversity as key to our success, while sharing acute entrepreneurial DNA. Many of us have formed or built companies of our own before joining TFV and each of us know what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Now we have made it our mission to help the same diverse and like-minded founders to become successful.


We invest in Globally. Extensive international experience coupled with a strong global partner network spread across 65+ countries, gives us the possibility to discover the most promising startups to help them enter, and grow, within the European landscape and beyond.

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