Move. Fundraise. Grow. Evolve.

Our fundraising methodology is agile and focused. We help you spike, tweak and format your investor pitch deck and make it bespoke to the kinds of investors we work with day-in, day-out. Until it ticks all their boxes, and even starts moving a few.

We make sure it has tested across focus groups and entrusted investor audiences, prior to calling it a day. In fact, we never call it a day
Your pitch deck at TFV will always be moving, growing and evolving - and that’s exactly how we pull focus with you on your path toward your ultimate fundraising goal(s).

We take the time to help you apply to Startup Accelerators, and raise money from Public Funding, Angel Investments and Venture Capital should your product be in that activity stage. And until it gets there, our world-class experts help you to sculpt it into the MVP it deserves to be.

Let's have a look at the type and scope of suitable programs for your startup growth.

TFV are in the mix and forefront of what’s happening across the globe when it comes to connections with startup accelerators, access to investors & VCs, their processes and - undeniably, timing. 


Pitch Deck Design & Review

Funding Programs Orientation

Unlock funding

Who's who: accelerators, investors & VCs

Our people know how to continually deliver. Our experiences and portfolios have taught us that the ubiquitous element of risk always needs be put to rigorous and in-depth testing.

At TFV, we always play-out assumptions from every achievable angle. We are  finding ways to convert them into risks - then to lessons, constantly transferring them to our KPIs and TFV knowledge mindset.

This allows you to reduce the magnitude of risk linked to building a new venture. We have done that for you, so that you can focus on breathing life and energy into your idea - and so that we can help you define and drive a robust, powerful clarity of vision. Our fundraising begins with all this. 

Success stories

We saved a lot of time during the fund-raising process and managed to negotiate favorable conditions.


It was very important to receive hands-on support from the very beginning and throughout the pitching process.


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