Impactful Data-Driven Products.

We help seed, growth and large enterprises learn and apply the most innovative methodologies. Ones that build engaging experiences and put making a positive global impact at the centre of their growth-space.

We offer coaching and consultancy that cover all stages of the Product Development lifecycle.
From conceptualization to prototyping. From launch to market adoption.

We help you design, validate and build robust products.
Ones that become ready to scale globally, and ones that make your products engaging, useful and lucrative for investors. 

Identify growth opportunities at our invite-only events with world-class experts supporting innovative companies and disruptive startups.






The Product Design Lab team consists of passionate Creatives, Designers and Product Managers with extensive international experience in building digital products derived from world leaders like Amazon, many known startups and major corporations worldwide. Our expertise and knowledge is available to selected startups and corporate partners to empower them towards making a positive global impact via digital, customer-centric products and services.

Success stories

Tech Family Ventures Product Design Lab geared us with the acute skills and unique know-how on validating our ideas and products, with impact, results and speed. By being pushed to constantly revisit our assumptions, we became confident that we can clearly and structurally adapt to what our Customers really need.


Throughout the process, participants' limits were pushed. That had a great turnaround effect on their mindsets when it came to product testing and design capabilities. People from across diverse backgrounds received on-the-ground Lean Startup methodology coaching in partnership with the likes of T-Systems and Vienna University of Technology.